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My 'Sleep in a Jar' Skincare Favourite

With winter very much fast approaching, I think you will agree that the importance of looking after our skin jumps to the top of all of our to-do lists; I can cope with lacklustre hair (ish!) and I can just about deal with fuzzy body parts, but dry skin is a big no no. Spending a lot more time in artificially heated environments, followed by being thrown into blizzard-like conditions wreaks havoc with our skin, so no matter what your skin type, I believe that everybody could do with a little more nourishment over the chillier months. Trust me, you'd be surprised what a good moisturiser can do!

The Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream has been my go-to night cream for almost a year now, so I thought that it was about time that I gave it some screen time. Skincare is something that I place a lot of importance in, as somebody with fairly sensitive skin when I find a product that works for me I tend to roll with it.. that is, until it inevitably gets discontinued (as the best ones always do) There are sooo many benefits to finding the product that is right for you; it can brighten and hydrate, soften, as well as totally changing the way that your make up applies- score! Throughout Autumn and Winter our skin lacks a little 'something' so finding the right moisturiser is key.. and although I love a good body butter, sadly it's not so easy when it comes to our faces!

Over the past few months I have heard the phrase 'sleep in a jar' floating around, however the majority of said products have been so far beyond my price range that I couldn't even comprehend purchasing them.. so, this leads me to the above product- my 'sleep in a jar' skincare hero. Garnier is a skincare brand that I have used for many years, and there is no arguing with the fact that they are one of the most renowned for providing high end results at high street prices. With it's light texture, the Miracle Sleeping Cream applies with ease providing instant soothing effects; despite it's thin consistency, I find that it can be easily built up- which will of course depend on the results received! Although I love to slather it on my face at night (scary, I know) it's surprising just how long it lasts; my last jar lasted me around 2 months, which for only 50ml is pretty good going.

If you are looking for an affordable night cream, with a luxury feel then look no further; retailing at only £12.99 (and currently on offer at it's a real steal. Plus HEY- it's never too early to start preventing the signs of tired, aging skin!


  1. I have this and used it a lot last winter, think I may have to get it back out now xo

    Samantha’s Beauty Loves

  2. Ooh I like the look of this cream! I'm loving Garnier's new Moisture Tissue Bomb sheet masks at the mo; they're fab. Will have to give this one a go 😁 Xx


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