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A Note on Friendship

Over the past couple of months I have noticed a lot of bloggers talking about friendship (and their relationship with others in the industry) however this topic is something that I've never really discussed on my blog, purely for the fact that I don't have many real friends...


A Stay at The Artist Residence: Penzance

Tucked away in a side street, just a short walk from the sea front, the Artist Residence was undoubtedly my first choice when booking a weekend away in Penzance. From its eclectic d├ęcor to the charismatic staff that greet you at the door, there’s no denying that this renovated house is full of Cornish-charm.


Attempting to Save as a Twenty-Something

Honestly, I have always been pretty good with money. I know when I should and shouldn't be saving and if I want something I'll work my arse off until I get it, but as I entered the new year (accompanied by a disgusting amount of chinese food) I was hit by the sudden realisation that my efforts just aren't cutting it.


Twenty Eighteen: The Year Of Putting Me First

And just like that, we survived the first month of the year (and are in fact now half way through the second) There's no denying that January felt never ending, but now it's over I'm just about ready to drag myself out of the post-festive slump and FINALLY get my butt into gear... With that being said, the question that I have spent the past few weeks asking is should I make any resolutions this year? 

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