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Halloween with the Co-Operative

Now who else is super excited for halloween!? Aside from Christmas, I have no doubt in saying that it is by far my favourite holiday; here in England it is far less popular than in countries like America, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to go all out.. Whether it's getting dressed up, decorating my home, or making spooky treats for my family and friends, there's nothing that I love more than getting in the spirit of things! This year, I've joined forces with the Co-Op to share with you some of my favourite, affordable snacks for Hallows Eve; using just a handful of their products, you can make them too! 

Spooky, Toothy Smores
Cookies, cookies, cookies. Is there anything better!? Throughout Spring and Summer, I find that I lose my sweet tooth; I would rather have a hearty helping of picnic food than anything remotely sugary, however as soon as the weather starts getting colder I'm all about the tea and biscuits. This simple recipe takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, meaning that in no time you'll be tucked up watching scary movies, eating your heart out! 

2 x 200g pack Irresistible Tripe Chocolate Cookies
5tbsp Co-Op Strawberry Jam
70g Mini Pink and White Marshmallows
5 pieces of Black Liquorice cut into 1cm pieces

1. Pre-heat the grill. Spread half of the strawberry jam onto 8 of the cookies, then place the mini marshmallows on top. Fill in the gaps with liquorice.
2. Place under the grill for 15 seconds, or until the marshmallows are golden brown.
3. Spread the left over jam on the remaining cookies, and place them on top of the toasted marshmallows.

It's as simple as that! These sweet treats are incredibly gooey and have a tendency to fall apart when you bite into them.. so you'd better eat them quick!

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