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Taking a Break From Blogging

Ever since I started blogging back in 2014, I've got nothing but joy from producing content for my little online space. Not only do I love to write, but I love having the freedom to write about whatever the heck I want- trust me, blogging is a great form of therapy! However, recently I have felt a little bit lacking in the inspiration department, trying to pull topics out of thin air; this is something that I have always worried about, because who can really think of something original and super engaging to write 3+ times a week? I have always promised myself that if I stumbled upon a bloggers block, I would take a break.. there is nothing worse than reading something that is quite clearly forced, I'm sure you'd all agree!

Over the past few weeks I have worked a lot, retaken my final exam for the year (which I have since found out that I passed- hooray!) and started redecorating my workspace; as well as this, I've been making the most of having my friends and boyfriend home for the holidays, meaning that I have been constantly on the go.. You know when life just takes over? Yep, that's whats happened here.

As somebody who struggles with stress, I've promised myself that if I feel as though I'm stuck in a bit of a rut, I'll take a step back and just breathe.. long gone are the days that I shut myself away and feel sorry for myself; I have the love and support of some fabulous people around me, so I'm going to enjoy my time away from everything and come back with a BANG. I'm attending the Bloggers Festival this weekend, so you can rest assured that the coming weeks shall be filled with some super exciting posts; plus I can't wait to finally meet my fellow bloggers, so perhaps there are some colabs on the horizon too!?

Whilst I am taking a little blogging breather, I am still updating my social media channels; so why not follow me on Instagram and Twitter?

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