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Multi Masking with 7th Heaven

There's no denying the fact that I am a face mask fanatic. The results that they give are second to none, with a mask for near enough any skin problem, you can't go wrong.. Tired, dehydrated, spot prone skin? Slap on a face mask and you're away! As somebody with somewhat combination skin (I know I know, back at it again with the skin types) I find the concept of multi masking a dream come true; because really, is one mask ever enough? It looks cute, it works wonders, and it gives you the perfect excuse to stock up on a variety of face masks.. 

The idea behind multi masking is that you apply a combination of different masks to different areas of your face, depending on the results that you want to achieve; you can create a treatment tailored to your specific needs, which is exactly what you would find if you went to see a beauty therapist. What's better than a stay at home facial, complete with jammies and a bottle of wine!? Yes, I know how terrifying this looks, but trust me, it works! Honestly, I'm a little surprised that nobody has thought of this before now; it's so simple, yet so genius.

When I have spoken to friends about the brand 7th Heaven and their insane range of face (and foot, hand, cuticle..) masks they look at me with what some may call a blank response; who are they, they ask? But alas, as soon as I pull out a colourful packet or two, they are flooded with the memories of girly slumber parties. Yes, 7th Heaven were, and still are, a teenage girls dream.. so as you can imagine, when the team at Bloggers Festival handed me a bag filled with their latest and greatest products, I was over the moon! I'm terrible with names, but the lovely lady that gave me mini skin consultation, recommending the best products for my combination skin, I can't thank you enough!

Forehead and T-Zone: This is one of the most problematic areas of my face (as it is for many women!); I suffer from clogged pores, oiliness and the occasional black head, meaning that the most suitable mask would be one with mattifying and pore-clearing properties. You can see from above that I have opted for a charcoal based mask on my t-zone and chin, as this draws out impurities in the areas that I suffer from build up, leaving the skin both looking and feeling detoxified. The Charcoal Masque is best applied to a warm face, allowing pores to open and the product to work its magic..

Cheeks: Having done a little reading on multi masking, I found that the most common problem with the skin surrounding the face (including the cheeks) is dehydration; thus, a moisture rich mask is essential! I decided on the Creamy Coconut Mask, with its nourishing ingredients, including ground cocoa and coconut, it smells divine! 

Before applying any form of face mask, I like to give my face a thorough cleanse; I find that this helps to remove the bulk of impurities and grime that has built up over the day, then allowing the masks to work to their maximum capacity- nothing too fancy, but a quick wipe over provides a fresh base to multi-mask! 

Have you tried multi-masking? You can shop the full 7th Heaven range here.

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