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How To Stick to Your Exercise Routine Like a Pro

There's no use in beating around the bush, we should all be exercising on a regular basis; when it comes to our health there should be no ands or buts, we should make it a priority. People who include exercise in their day to day lives tend to have a healthier heart, run less of a risk of suffering from long term health problems, and are often a lot happier. I know how hard it can be to drag yourself out of a fitness slump, but trust me, it feels great when you get your butt into gear and take action! 

For many of us, the sole purpose of exercising is to squeeze ourselves back into our favourite dress, but no matter how important that may seem, taking care of our health should be the ultimate goal- after all, what are you going to do when the dress fits, hang up your gym shoes and call it a day? This should not be the attitude to approach exercise with; it's so good for you, and so easy to learn to love! 

Do it For Yourself
Studies have shown that people who exercise for the benefit of themselves tend to stick at it for a lot longer than those that are externally motivated. Find your reason for exercising, and keep it at the forefront of your mind; whether you're trying to tone up, lose a few extra pounds, or are simply preventing health issues in the long run, don't let your motivation fizzle away.

Find Something that Suits You
I know it may seem like a gym is the only option when it comes to exercising, but there are so many more ways to make exercise a part of your life; you can do it anywhere! I wrote a post about exercising at home a little while back, however it's equally as easy to incorporate mini work outs into the mundane day to day activities. Why not cycle instead of drive? Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator? Even practice yoga or pilates whilst the dinner is in the oven? The opportunities are endless! 

Mix Things Up
When it comes to exercising, variety is key. It is inevitable that if you do the same workout day in day you will get bored and are more likely to give up; by mixing things up and incorporating new exercises into your routine you will reduce the risk of your body reaching a plateau (becoming accustomed to things) as well as keeping things fresh and exciting.

Workout With a Friend
Some people (like myself!) prefer working out alone, however if you find that you are lacking motivation, bringing a friend along to the gym/a class/for a run around the park can help to get you back on track. By exercising with a friend you will help to push each other, and work to your full capacity- as well as giving you the opportunity to have a giggle too!

Not only am I enjoying seeing the changes that working out is having on my body, but it leaves me feeling super positive too. What's your favourite way to work out?

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