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Short Stay Travel Hacks: Health & Beauty

If you're a bit of a beauty junkie like myself, packing for a short trip can be a struggle; after all, how could you possibly condense down your collection to fit into just a single travel case!? When it comes to mini breaks, no matter where I'm going, I try to limit myself to just a single carry on. Not only does it save time at the airport, it also gives off an heir of minimalism- I love getting the 'look at her, she travelled smart' looks! But alas, with hand luggage, comes the dreaded liquid restrictions.. *sigh*

I wouldn't by any means class myself as an experienced traveller, going on only a few trips a year, however I like to think that I have got packing sussed. I've put together a collection of top tips, to help your journey run as smoothly as possible.

When I opt for a single piece of hand luggage, I'm always sure to bring my handbag along with me too. This is the perfect place to keep my essentials separate (passport, purse, hand sanitiser etc.) in attempt to speed up the check in process; there's nothing worse than having to search of your tickets with a queue full of people behind you! As well as this, a handbag is the perfect place to keep an 'emergency' beauty kit- face wipes, moisturiser, a variety of lip products and some form of brow tamer, because as long as your brows look tip top when you step off of the plane, it's all good. Oh, and perfume, miniature of course!

It is always a good idea to decant your liquids into small, travel sized containers; not only is this regulation for carry-on luggage, but it also reduces waste. I don't know about you, but when I'm on holiday I don't fancy bringing a suitcase full of half used toiletries home with me- I like a little extra room for souvenirs! You can buy 100ml bottles specifically for this from most drugstores and supermarkets. This also works for medication; when I go away I count out the exact amount of tablets that I need for the duration of my trip.

Where possible, I try to swap my liquids for solids; they're such a space saver, and often come in a large variety meaning that you don't have to sacrifice your summery scents! I'm sure you've heard of solid perfumes, but did you know that you can also get solid shampoos and conditioners? Lush do a great range of solid products if you're on the hunt! And although I love the shampoos, I would recommend sticking to your usual conditioner if you have frizz prone hair like mine- I tend to pump a few uses worth into a small container, ensuring that none goes to waste.

I know it can be hard to reduce your make up bag when you're going away; you want to look your best all of the time, but sometimes there just isn't room to bring everything! I try to select my most used products beforehand, and reduce these until I have just one or two options to take with me. Although you may be desperate to trial the summer make up look that your fave blogger debuted the week prior to your trip, this isn't the time! Limit yourself to bringing the bare minimum, then if you need to, you can always pick up some new bits from duty free!Do you have any top tips for travelling with hand luggage? I'd love to hear them!

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