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L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask

No doubt you will have heard me raving about the benefits of detoxifying products before, and how much I love ridding my skin of all of the nastiness that gets built up through the use of a varying product range. I am forever trying and testing products seeking the ultimate 'detox', and although I know this is a bold statement, I think I've found a strong contender. Introducing the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks.

We are forever being told that we have a certain skin type; until I read Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes, I was convinced that there were only three- dry, sensitive and oily, oh how wrong I was. Although it is nice to think that we all have our 'types', realistically we have a combination spread across the different parts of our faces; this means that they each require certain attention in order to achieve the desired results, and we all know what this means.. skincare is a bitch!

Finding a single product that treats all of our skincare woes is no mean feat, however L'oreal have released a collection of pure clay masks that work together to target skin troubles simultaneously (hello multi-mask!). I am yet to get my hands on the other two products from the collection, purity and glow, however I have seen great results from the detox mask and am looking forward to trying them all at once. Who doesn't love a time saver!?

The charcoal complex within the detox mask draws out any dirt that is embedded in the skin, whilst absorbing excess oils and eliminating the appearance of imperfections; as somebody who has some scarring from teenage acne, this quality is one that appealed to me, and I found to be very effective. The texture of the mask is as you would imagine; rich and creamy, with easy application. I found it to be super moisturising, leaving my skin feeling supple and smooth once removed- the Liz Earl Muslin Cloth worked a treat! Another issue that I often have with face masks is the strong scent that leaves my eyes feeling irritated and sore; L'Oreal have included a combination of natural clays in their masks with a very subtle smell, which means that they can be used without hesitation. 

These 50ml pots are said to include around 10 uses worth of product and retail for £7.99- they are however at an introductory price of £5 in Boots at the moment, so grab yourself a bargain while you can!

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