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New Entries: What's In My Bag?

 I haven't done a 'What's in my Bag?' post in some time, so I thought that it was well overdue. I decided to take a slightly different approach and include only my top three new entries; my bag is always filled with rubbish (not in the literal sense!), so this seemed like the best option to prevent me from writing several pages.. I'm sure nobody is interested in hearing about the spare pair of socks that I liked to keep, just incase of emergencies!

Over the past few weeks I have found comfort in keeping a card holder in my bag, not only does this mean that I don't have to lug my purse around everywhere, but it helps me to prioritise the things that I need, and saves me from the hundreds of loyalty cards that are quite frankly just gathering dust! This Kate Spade piece is absolutely gorgeous; it is a cream coloured leather with gold dots on both sides, and the Kate Spade emblem on the front. This is another item that I chose to spend my gift card on, as it is perfect for nights out, or when I just need to pop to the shops- which is something that I do frequently!

Another new addition to my bag, purse, pocket, you name it, is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lipgloss in Daydream. Now I'm not a big fan of lipgloss, as I find that far too many have an awful sticky consistency, that leaves half of it either smeared across my face, or stuck in my hair when the tiresome English wind blows; however, having read several reviews I decided to give this a go, and I am so pleased with it.. And at only £5.99 who can resit!?

Last, but certainly not least, is the Yves Saint Laurent Instant Glow Moisture. I received this sample in a gift set that I got (note: bought for myself) for Christmas, and I have been hooked ever since. This moisturiser is part of their 'Top Secrets' collection, which include a range of products with combination benefits; it is super lightweight, leaving your skin feeling virtually bare yet providing long lasting moisture, with a subtle glow. This product retails at £34, which may seem a lot, but for the benefits you certainly won't regret it! However, unfortunately on my student budget it's not something that I can afford to repurchase anytime soon.. So I'm planning on squeezing this little tube dry, poor thing.

As this year I'm trying to up my blogging game and make things a bit more scheduled, Ive decided that in the last week of every month I'm going to post about new additions to my bag; I'm always picking up new bits and bobs, so am looking forward to sharing my findings with you all! I'd love to hear about your handbag essentials, share in the comments below.

-M xxx

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