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Denim, the most versatile and practical of all, no other material can compete for it's title; it holds us all in it's grasp and it's safe to say that this has been the case for some time. I recently read an article in Vogue magazine about the future of the skinny jean, and if I'm honest, I'm not sure it's bright. It's time for the mom to have it's day.. After all, who doesn't love a bit of booty support, with the comfort of actual leg movement?

For as long as I can remember, the oh so holy material has been a part of my life. When I was a little girl my parents kitted me out in dungarees and the cutest pinafores, along with cut off shorts and the occasional denim shirt (not all at once- thankfully!). Then aged nine I regrettably made the decision to rock the 'so baggy I don't have a butt' skater jeans, which of course came with added chain; I often question what I was thinking, but those were my favourite jeans, and to some extent I'm grateful that I was allowed to do my own thing.. even if I did look like a little boy! But fear not, when secondary school came along, so did the return of the skinny jean. 

I remember my first pair, I thought they were the best thing ever, and my first item of clothing from Topshop too.. the start of a somewhat crazy obsession! However, as much as I love my array of skinnies,I recently purchased a pair of mom jeans and I'm afraid to admit I've had a change of heart. I feel as though I'm going behind the back of an old friend, but they're so comfortable and ever so forgiving! There's something about the way that a skinnier jean fits, clinging to every bump as though it's a second skin- not the look I want to go for having eaten a few too many cookies over the festive period!

Without sounding too outrageous, I've always thought that skinny jeans suited my body, but having spent some time wearing a new style, it is clear that the mom jeans are far better suited to an hourglass shape. Big on top, and big on the bottom, with a pinched in waist, has nobody heard of a muffin top!? The high waisted style of the mom jean is incredibly forgiving, with that 'lived in' feel after only a few hours of wear.. And did I mention that they don't require as little as ten leaps and jumps to get into them comfortably, plus a broken nail? I'm proud to say that I'm never looking back. The perfect staple for my progressing capsule wardrobe.

The beauty of this style of jean is that despite being the most comfortable pair of denim bottoms I have ever owned, they keep their shape ridiculously well; this means that whatever the weather (pardon the rhyme!) and regardless of the situation, they kill it. So I urge you, if you haven't mom-ed, do it!

-M xxx

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  1. Ha!Being an actual "mom" it puts me right off (plus the washes in Topshop always appear to be bleached out or '80's stonewash - either way it's a no...) I've just bought the (almost) rigid straight leg selvedge edge Topshop jean which I will be wearing with my Adidas Originals floral vest top!


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