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Working from Home Essentials

Although I don't technically work from home, I spend a lot of time doing coursework and planning my blogs from the comfort of my own desk. It can sometimes be a struggle, and some days it can be near enough impossible to drag yourself out of bed before 12pm, but I've put together a little list to help you on your way!

1. Memos. Whether it is your favourite notepad, a post-it note block, or a pin board hanging above your desk, scribbling down anything and everything is key. Although the majority of my work is done on my laptop, there's nothing I love more than the classic pen to paper list; I have a lovely moleskin day to day diary, a notepad and a desk full of post-its. I find that I remember things a lot better if I have it written down in front of me opposed to just seeing it on a screen. 

2. Hand cream. If anybody ever tells you you have too much hand cream, shut them away- you do not need that sort of negativity in your life. You will find a tube of Soap and Glory's  Hand Food in every bag, winter coat pocket, and on every surface in my house; I don't suffer from particularly dry hands, but I find that there's something soothing about rubbing hand cream in- I can't bare grease so this is perfect, and it smells divine too!

3. Water. Across all of my posts you will find that I go on about the 'cardinal drink'. I can't go 20 minutes without drinking water, and find that it keeps me going a lot longer than anything fizzy; not only is it good for brain power, it also leaves you glowing and feeling super hydrated! I keep a bottle on my desk at all times, I love the BRITA Fill & Go bottle.

4. Background noise. This may seem like a funny one, but it is on rare occasions that I don't like to hear birds outside, or the soothing sounds of the Weeknd on repeat. I find that a little something going on helps me concentrate; silence makes me stir crazy, leading me to be very very unproductive.. Did somebody say Gossip Girl!?

Working from home is a blessing a curse; I love the excuse to loaf about in my jim-jams whilst writing assignments, but it can get a little tiresome being stuck in the house! Does anybody else work from an office at home? What are your essentials to keep you on track?

-M xxx

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  1. The best thing that happened to me is when I found a job at home and I started working from home.


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