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Film Review: Legend

I've only ever done one film review on the blog, but due to all of  the hoo-ha that this particular release has been causing I felt the need to share my opinion- surprise! There have been a mix of reviews emerging about the film Legend, from the insulting to the down right strange..

In this biopic portrayal of how gangsters ruled East London in the 1950's, Tom Hardy plays both of the infamous Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie. The amount of books and movies created about the pair is almost unbelievable, but once the end credits started rolling, I understood why. The film starts with the Kray's in power, saving the story of how they rose and became the notorious leaders of the East End; I found this refreshing, as the childhood stories can get a little tiresome.The twins were similar in some ways, however their mind-sets were wildly different; with Reggie seeking love and companionship alongside his power, and Ronnie being diagnosed clinically insane, Tom Hardy performed the dual role in a well balanced manner. 

The stunning Emily Browning plays Frances Shea, Reggie Kray's wife, who narrates the film throughout; she herself was an iconic, yet terribly fragile character, attempting to keep up with her beloved Reggie but failing miserably. Although it may have seemed unnecessary to some, the narration provided information that may not have been as evident on screen, and not knowing a lot about the lives of the Kray's I found it very helpful. Some people have referred to the film as providing a 'tour bus experience', which I can fully understand, however I think that this was intended, opposed to simply being a poor attempt at telling the tale.. If you're expecting to see a hard-core gangster movie, you'll be disappointed, as there is an equal amount of fighting as there is focus on Ronnie's relationship with Frankie- not that I'm complaining!

With its combination of sarcasm and dark humour, Legend is undoubtedly a good watch; Tom Hardy plays both roles incredibly well, however without him I'm not sure whether the film would be quite so engaging. Whether or not you know the tale of the Kray's rise to power I would definitely recommend going and seeing this adaption, young or old it's (not so) surprisingly thrilling!

If you haven't already, watch the trailer here.

-M xxx

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