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Travel Bucket List

As summer is just about over (although it doesn't feel as though we've had much of one in the UK!), I have found myself writing a travel wish list; a bucket list if you will. Both myself and Jack have decided that we aren't ones for the all inclusive holidays, but would much prefer to explore new places on our own terms. After coming back from Rome last month, I can't wait to go away again.. 
Please note, these aren't in any particular order; having started this list it appears to be never ending, so I've tried to shorten it as much as possible!
1. New York. I know I said that it wasn't in order, but I'd be lying if this wasn't at the top- I blame Gossip Girl for my obsession with the city; it looks incredible. When (being the operative word here) I do visit the city, I fully intend to do the 'touristy' bits and bobs, but by no means would I neglect the two cardinal 'F's'.. fashion and food. Although I doubt I could afford more than an outfit or two, a girl can look can't she!? And the food; oh my word. Doughnuts doughnuts doughnuts.

2.Finland. Another place that I want to visit at Christmas time; the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. For years I have watched documentaries about the beauty of the Northern Nights, and watching them from the comfort of a cosy log cabin, or from inside a glass igloo, I imagine would be breathtaking. As well as the lights, who could say no to a reindeer ride!? I'm definitely more of a winter gal, much preferring wrapping up in a chunky knit than squeezing into my bikini- imagine all of the layers you would need!

3. Sicily. After my brief stint in Italy this summer, I'm desperate to go back and explore other parts of the country. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Rome, Sicily appears to be the perfect 'escape'. From the crystal clear waters, to the houses dotted, well, everywhere, it looks like paradise.. I have a funny feeling that this is going to be one of my next stops.  

4. The Dominican Republic. Having been here twice before, I would love to go back now I'm a bit older; although family holidays are fab, I love having the opportunity to explore on my own. I can't recommend it enough, and would urge anybody looking for sun, sea and cocktails (plus a spot of whale watching in March!) to go if you have the chance.

5. I'm having difficulty deciding on a solid number 5, however there are lots of places in England I would like to visit, as well as heading over to Ireland to enjoy a little peace and quiet. There's something so peaceful about tucking up in the cold weather, somewhere unfamiliar.

Over the next few months I'm planning on doing some serious saving, as well as getting my Christmas shopping sussed before November! Has anybody got a winter break planned?

-M xxx

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