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Hello Hello! A Life Update

It feels like it’s been forever since I wrote one of these posts! Of course I like to write about all things fashion, food and ‘lifestyle’ but sometimes it’s nice to share a bit of my personal life too. I have always enjoyed reading these sorts of posts (I’m nosy what can I say?) and things have been full steam ahead for me over the past couple of months, so I thought what better time to put pen to paper so to speak...

Work Work Work

In October of last year I stepped up at work and took on the new role as Sales and Service Manager while my lovely boss went on maternity leave (yay!) however time flew by, as it does, and when August came around it was time to step back down again. Now don’t get me wrong I love fashion and having the opportunity to style up some of my favourite pieces daily is dreamy, but having worked in retail on and off for a little over 8 years I feel that it’s time to hang up my hat... So a few weeks back I signed myself up for some work experience at the marketing department of my local college, in hope that I’ll get the chance to put into practice what I learnt during my business degree and it’ll lead to something new and exciting- so watch this space!

Moving Out!

It feels like I have been talking about wanting to move out for forever, so apologies if you’re getting tired of hearing about it... but it’s happening! Yes it’s stressful, yes it’s scary, but I couldn’t be happier. Over the past six months I have come to realise that there is no ‘right’ time for anything and things will happen when they’re meant to, so there’s no point in getting hung up on feeling like you’re not doing things fast enough. This year I have come out of a long term relationship and met somebody new and wonderful (who I am now moving in with!) so it’s safe to say that I couldn’t have planned for any of those things. But who cares? I had always been one of those people that turned their nose up at the phrase ‘things happen for a reason’ but 2019 has taught me just that.

Plans for the rest of the year...

Although the thought of autumn, winter and the entire festive period gives me all sorts of unexplainable feelings, it's scary to think that we have now entered the final quarter of 2019 and before we know it we'll be bringing in the new year with a glass of bubbly whilst singing our hearts out to auld lang syne. So in the spirit of making the most of every moment, I thought I would set out a few goals for the months ahead! 
1. Budget more and spend less. I've always been good at saving, however I've never been in the position where I have to spend my money on certain things- until now. Moving out and having to fend for myself is going to put my money management to the test, so I'm determined to nail it! I've created a spreadsheet and set out weekly spending budgets, which sadly do not include 'Chinese Tuesdays'...
2. Spend more time with my family. When you've always had people around, it's so easy to take them for granted and expect them to always be there- but it doesn't work like that! I have had a very busy year and that has meant that I have sacrificed time with the people that I care about the most.
3. Rediscover my love for writing. I feel like whenever I write a 'goals' post it always includes an empty promise about producing more regular content, which fills me with a sense of guilt when it inevitably doesn't happen (perhaps that's why I stopped writing that sort of post?) However, with no strings attached, I am telling the world that I want to write more- for myself. I have always found writing to be a great way of relieving stress and becoming more aware of your feelings, so with the busiest months of the year ahead, what better time to get stuck back in?
4. Create a cosy, safe space to call my own. I have been obsessed with the concept of moving out of my family home for years now, desperate to have a place that I can decorate to my own tastes and organise in a way that makes sense to me, but now the realisation that it is happening has hit I am a little worried. Worried that I will miss my home comforts, that I will miss my family, and most importantly that it won't feel like home. So for the next couple of months I want to work on creating a space that I feel excited to come home to... a sanctuary.

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