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My Travel Plans For 2018

I contemplated writing a travel wishlist at the start of Summer, but due to the knowledge that a trip was very unlikely, I was worried that it would lead to an onset of travel blues. As a result I decided to hold out til December and create something I could use for inspiration when booking some much needed time off in 2018...

This year was definitely dry in terms of travel, so I have made the decision to make 2018 the year of jet-setting so that when I look back this time next year I have an array of memories (and hilarious cock-ups) to share. If I'm being completely honest I could put together a travel bucket list as long as my arm, ranging from touristy trips to lengthy breaks where I want nothing more than to EXPLORE; but for now I've narrowed it down to my top 5.

1. Edinburgh. I am hoping that Edinburgh will be my first trip of the year, as from what I've heard it is the ultimate winter destination. After reading posts from Helen and Tilly I am certain that the old town is at the top of my list of places to visit, plus I'd be lying if I didn't say that food is one of the main reasons I want to visit... I'm a sucker for brunch and rumour has it that Edinburgh is full of gems!

2. Dublin. Again, keeping it in the UK I can't deny that Dublin has been on my travel wish list for many years. I'm not a drinker so it is unlikely that the Guinness factory is going to be on the agenda, but I wouldn't say no to a pub crawl- because lets face it, there's nothing better than bar snacks! Having seen many a Facebook photo of family and friends visiting the city, it looks like the perfect picturesque destination for a weekend away... Perhaps a birthday trip?

3. Sicily. In 2015 myself and Jack went on our first trip together, we spent four days in Rome and have both wanted to return to Italy ever since. Although I haven't done huge amounts of research in terms of things to do, the photos are convincing enough! I'm desperate for a seaside holiday and it seems that Sicily has the perfect balance of coast and 'town' to explore.

4. America. I know that this is very vague, but I haven't made up my mind yet! I would love to visit the touristy destinations like New York and Florida (yes I'm talking Disney) but there's also something oh-so appealing about the 'truer' areas like Boston; I love exploring side streets and quirky stores, so anywhere with a bit of personality is a strong contender. Ultimately, anywhere that can give me doughnuts, grilled cheese and extra fries gets a YES from me.

5. Paris. Saving the best til last perhaps? When I was much younger my Dad worked in Paris which meant that I got to visit the city fairly often, but being such a long time ago all I can remember is the Mickey Mouse parade (which FYI will also be on the agenda when I visit!) There are several tourist spots that I can't deny I would love to visit for the sake of the 'gram, but it's the Parisian caf├ęs and hidden treasures that draw me to this beautiful city. Question: has anybody actually made it to the top of the eiffel tower on foot? I'm not convinced.

Do you have any travel plans for the new year? Recommendations of places to visit and things to do would be much appreciated! THANKS IN ADVANCE HUNS.

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