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5 Things My Relationship Has Taught Me

This post may come as a little bit of a shock to some of you, as it's rare that I broadcast my relationship on social media. This december will mark five years since I was introduced to my better half, meaning that for 1825 days we have been laughing, eating and binge-watching every Netflix series known to man...

1. A problem shared really is a problem halved. Having spent almost five years together it is safe to say that both myself and Jack have had our ups and downs; we have suffered loss, changed jobs and have almost completed a FULL degree- bloody scary. I am a huge advocate for getting things off your chest and can vouch for the fact that the little conversations are equally as important as the biggies. For example, if I have a problem at 3am I have absolutely zero reservations when it comes to picking up the phone and telling Jack about it, and thankfully he feels the same! We are big talkers (our poor friends, eh)

2. Love makes you crazy. You will have no doubt heard the phrase 'love sick' and I can vouch for the fact that sometimes YES, you get caught up in the moment and act in a way that would otherwise be deemed unreasonable. Sometimes I say things that I shouldn't, forgetting the fact that contrary to popular belief, love does not have to last forever... Relationships can end just as quickly as they begin. Regardless of the fact that you are having a bad day/week/month I can't stress enough the importance of treating your partner with respect. Young love is beautiful thing- don't take it for granted.

3. Liking different things is A-OK. Now don't get me wrong, we both love a good movie night, tucking up with some form of popcorn/chocolate/sweet treat and bringing the duvet to the sofa; however when it comes to going out we have very different ideas... I don't drink, so when it comes to going out-out I leave that one to his pals, nevertheless we are both HUGE foodies so date night is my fave time of the month. Being with somebody that enjoys doing the same things as you makes a relationship fun, but it's important to remember that you are separate people.

4. This one isn't quite so rose-tinted, but HEY HO. Being in a relationship with somebody that hasn't suffered with mental health problems can be tough, as when you're having a down day they just don't get it. Jack is an absolute superstar when it comes to lightening the mood and being a shoulder to cry on, but sometimes there's nothing that anybody can do (and that's when my unavoidable guilt kicks in)

5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder- it really does! For the past two and a bit years myself and Jack have spent a large proportion of the year living 100 miles apart, but we both know that it's only a temporary thing and have made it work. Now by no means am I saying that goodbyes are easy, but when we are reunited it feels FAB... every couple bickers with one another, but after being apart we cherish our time together a heck of a lot more.

I rarely write about my relationship, but this post is a little S/O to my favourite fella. Thanks for being the Rick to my Morty (I know you'll like that one) for loving me for me, and most importantly for accepting the fact that I will always need to triple check that the car door is locked.

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  1. I definitely agree that liking different things is fine and, in fact, my Boyfriend and I embrace our differences as it gives us character and opens our minds to different POVs!

    Great post :)
    Alice // The Rose Glow


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