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October, You Have Been Glorious

Now I hate to be one of those people, but the month of October quite literally flown by. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of blogging, emails and back to back shifts at work (oh and did I mention the copious amounts of impulse purchases?) but busyness aside, overall this month has been a good-en. I thought that I would end October with a chatty round up of some of my favourite moments from the past four weeks, so keep reading! 

1. Brunchin'. I don't know if it's the blogger instilled in me, or perhaps its the fact that tucking in to an English breakfast brings back glorious memories of lazy sunday mornings with the fam, but I bloody love brunch. Working five days a week (and most weekends too) means that it is a luxury that I rarely get to enjoy, however throughout October I have managed to squeeze in not one, not two, but THREE brunch trips- and I count that as a serious win. 

2. Working out. This time last year I was firmly settled in an exercise routine that suited both my work and study commitments, but over the past six months things have slipped massively. Over this time my body hasn't changed dramatically (HALLELUJAH) but my mood has definitely suffered; I'm not somebody that gets pleasure from feeling like they are going to vomit after half an hour of intense cardio, preferring something a bit steadier, so decided that this month I would try to get back in the swing of things... I have been doing twenty minutes of yoga a few times a week, for the past four weeks, and the change in both my flexibility and overall 'happiness' has been bloody fantastic (how very British, lol) The next step is to find a yoga/pilates class locally, but at the moment I am happy doing what I'm doing, finding that it works well with for current situation.

3. Friends. This one may sound a little silly, because friends are always a fave, right? Well this month I have rekindled an old friendship (we all get a little lazy at times) and made an effort to see some of my favourite ladies and it has been FABULOUS. I find that when I spend a long period of time without seeing my friends I forget how much fun we have when we're together, so we have pencilled in a few dates over the upcoming months and I am already counting down the days. Thankfully my mates are oh-so accepting of my busy schedule and when we finally pin each other down it's as though not a day has gone by, so I can't wait to get geared up for Christmas and drink a Baileys cocktail or two whilst reminiscing!

What have your been your highlights of the month? As much as I love October and the spooky season, I can't deny that I am over the moon about the fact that it is now officially acceptable to talk about Christmas- YAY!

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