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LUSH Skincare Favourites

Lush is by far one of my favourite brands for skincare; no matter what time of the year it is I can walk in with the intention of solely browsing, to then leave heavy-handed without fail. Autumn and Winter are often deemed the trickiest when it comes to skincare as you have the elements working against you (plus the pesky central heating) although I find that when the weather gets colder, I know exactly what my skin needs...

When I think of Autumn/Winter skincare two words spring to mind: exfoliate and moisturise. Over the years I have learnt just how important these two things are and some of my cult skincare products have come from Lush. I love how natural everything is, from cocoa butter and peppermint oil, to caster sugar and fresh strawberries- and I know I shouldn't reaaaally bring up the packaging, but simplicity makes me happy! What more could you ask for?

D'Fluff was the first Lush product that I ever tried. The sweetness and the pretty pink colour immediately caught my attention and after just a single use I was recommending it to everyone I knew... yep, it's that good! Looking after the skin on your body is just as important as looking after the skin on your face, so investing in a super hydrating shaving cream is crucial in preventing flaky legs *ICK* 

Sympathy For The Skin is the most recent addition to my Lush collection, however it has quickly become one of my faves. Moisturising is super important in the cold weather as the harsh changes in temperate wreak havoc with the skin, and this baby can be used absolutely everywhere... Not only does the cocoa butter smell heavenly, but its softening properties combined with both the vanilla and banana leaves the skin feeling silky smooth (plus it absorbs FAST!)

This time last year I discovered Lemony Flutter and it The fast absorbing, sweet smelling balm does wonders for your 'dry bits' leaving the skin feeling instantly rejuvenated- and it's not just for your cuticles! Despite the fact that I incorporate lemony flutter into my manicure routine, I also use it as a remedy for cracked heels and dry elbows (which are very common at this time of year) and despite the price seeming a little steep, a little really does go a long way... I can't recommend this baby enough.

The last fave is Mint Julips and BOY is it delicious. Packed full of natural ingredients, caster sugar is combined with minty goodness to buff away any dead skin on the surface of the lips, leaving them silky soft... it did however take me a little while to realise that you didn't need to wipe away the excess of the product, you can lick your lips instead- winner! I find that everything becomes a heck of a lot dryer in the Winter months, so having something that you can pop in your handbag for use 24/7 is a real life saver (and it's a great pick me up if you're in need of a sugar hit too!)

I'd love to hear what your favourite products are for the chillier weather; I'm always on the look out for new skincare bits to try, especially if they leave me moisturised up to my eyeballs! On a side note, who is super exited to get their hands on products from the Lush Christmas collection? BECAUSE THIS GIRL IS.

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