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The Generation Of Over-Sharing

There's no denying the fact that we love to share, it's what we do. However with this in mind, there is still one topic that is deemed too 'dirty' to discuss..

Over the years I have become a lot more open to discussing topics such as sex and relationships, enjoying nothing more than brunching with friends and sharing all the juicy details of the night before (not mine of course, as I was in bed by 9pm watching Gilmore Girls) Yet there is still one thing that people are afraid to talk about... periods. BUT WHY? As somebody that has received a monthly visit from mother nature since the tender age of 11 I am no stranger to opening up about my experiences, however many of my friends squirm at the thought, shutting down any period-related conversation instantaneously.

"Period shame still exists all over the world and we want to fight back" - TOTM

The fact of the matter is that I've been suffering with crippling lady-pains for as long as I can remember and it's time to talk about it. This post is a little shout out to the hundreds of women suffering in silence, because they feel ashamed to admit that they are on their period and they are in pain. I feel that it's important to note that it's not only men making people feel this way, but a surprising amount of women too. You heard it here first: sisterhood is dead.

Every month I dread my pill-free week and the inevitable ache that fills my stomach, head and heart, because not only does my period effect my body but it leaves me feeling emotionally drained. Thank you hormones, you little bundles of fun. As I've got older I have found that I suffer far worse than I did the previous year, now having to curl up in a ball to stop the pain that could once be cured by a hot water bottle alone. I can't leave my bed, I take back-to-back painkillers and I have to take days off work, it's a bloody nightmare (no pun intended) Every body functions differently, with varying pain thresholds and some people requiring 'super' levels of protection; just because you don't experience something, it doesn't mean that other people are lucky enough to receive a get out of jail free card.

The purpose of this post isn't for sympathy, because holy hell I know that in comparison to other people's my periods are a walk in the park (you'd be surprised what people talk about in the ladies loos) I am merely here to reassure all of you babes that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There's no hiding the fact that I choose to talk about real topics on my blog, whether it's anxiety, loss, or dealing with crippling period pains, I don't sugar coat my content. Over the past year a lot have bloggers have chosen to speak up and share their experiences, and all I can say is long may it continue! It's all very well using your status as an influencer to share the latest trends and your monthly favourites, but if you can make a change for the better, do it. Lets start #talkingperiods together.

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