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Hello, Spring!

HAPPY SPRING TIME HUNNIES! Of all the seasons Spring is by far my favourite. There's something about the way the sun starts to break through and everything just seems a little better.. plus every year on the second day of Spring I welcome my Birthday with open arms. Another year older, another year wiser and another step closer to achieving my goals.

Now because I am a walking cliché, at the start of the season I like to give myself and the things around me a good ol' Spring clean (who doesn't love a bit of organisation?) I feel 10x happier when the house is tidy, my wardrobe is colour coordinated and there are fresh blooms everywhere; it's just the way I am! I have rounded up some of my favourite ways to welcome Spring, to get you in the mood..

1. Life can be super stressful at times, so it's important to take some time away to look after ourselves and recuperate. As somebody who is somewhat lacking in the penny department, I find the phrase 'treat yourself' to be a real downer; but who said you need to splurge in order to feel good? I for one can confirm, this is a total misconception. Why not treat yourself to a stay at home spa day? Give yourself a fresh mani and pedi, apply a face mask (my fave's are from 7th Heaven) and sit back and relax in a bath brimming with Lush-ness.

2. Now it wouldn't be Spring without a proper de-clutter would it? You name it, the chances are I'll be wiping it down and giving it a fresh lick of paint.. Organising your home will not only look appealing, but it will enable day to day activities to be carried out with ease; by reducing the amount of 'clutter' in your life and your home, you reduce the risk of getting bogged down.

3. New season = new wardrobe. In the spirit of the capsule wardrobe, why not give things a real Spring clean and get yourself in the mood for the coming sunnier months? Pull out your clothes, wipe down the surfaces and pack away your winter woolies.. Oh and did I mention that you're gonna need to make room for ALL of the pastel shades? At least one pair of baby pink Converse shall be making their way into my basket on pay day..

4. For me, Spring is all about the blooms. In order to truly welcome the season, I seek out the prettiest flowers and scatter them around my home. I feel the greatest sense of joy and calm combined when I enter a room and not only see flowers, but when I am greeted by the smell of something fresh, blooming beautifully.

5. Last but certainly not least.. put some pep in your step! Spring is the season before Summer, and who doesn't love a bit o'sunshine?? 

I hope you've all been loving the sunny weather here in the UK, I well and truly made the most of my Easter weekend but am soooo ready to start a fresh next week. Is it just me, or do bank holidays totally throw you off? ROLL ON MONDAY!

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