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Lets Talk Sensitive Skin

There's nothing that I love more than discovering hidden gems when it comes to skincare.. that feeling when you try a new product and boom it's love at first use. For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of Garnier, from night cream to face wipes (not a regular occurrence, I can promise you!) in my eyes they can do no wrong, hence my excitement when they announced the release of their newest, PureActive Sensitive range. Made up of a three-step routine with a gel wash, toner and moisturiser, the process can be completed in just under five mins..

My skin has always been a lil bit all over the place, ever since I was a teenager I've suffered with acne and although it's definitely on the road outta here, there's a 10/10 chance that I will experience a breakout a couple of weeks before any big event. The joys of being a girl, am I right? I feel as though I've tried every tip and trick everrrrr recommended to me and although I'm pretty happy with my current skincare routine, I'm always willing to have a pop at the latest and greatest of the skincare-sphere.As I approach day 28 of the #PureChallenge it seems only appropriate to reflect on the journey that I have been on. I am pleased to announce that my skin is a heck of a lot clearer, with very few pesky blemishes in sight (YAY) and the overall feel of my face is smooth, soft and supple.. Sounds like a winner, right?

Firstly, the gel wash. I can't recommend this product enough! I am totally sold. As much as I love my current cleanser this is the perfect alternative for when I want something a little less heavy; it foams up almost instantly but it is soap free, which means that it's perfect for those with uber sensitive skin. Initially I used a muslin cloth to remove the product from my face, but over the course of the trialling period found that it was MUCH easier to just use my hands.. I mean, 2014 Martha wouldn't have even known what a muslin cloth was, am I right?? Lets get back to basics here.

Although this is a three step process, I'm still not sure about the toner. It's not a product that I have ever included in my skincare routine so it's taking a bit of getting used to, but on the plus side you need the tiniest amount so I can only imagine that it would last foreverrrrr. A few drops on a cotton pad is plenty, as it's only really needed on the T-zone; its purpose is to tighten and visibly reduce the look of pores, which is defo what I need. I'm not sure how much of a difference it made throughout the four week process, but there's something about having a PROPER skincare routine that makes me feel a little bit more accomplished. Does that make me lame? No it most certainly does not. 

If you've been reading my blog for some time you will know that one of my biggest skincare woes is dryness; so when I heard that the soothing moisturiser was great for locking in moisture, but also provided a mattified finish I was all over it.. I have been using it in the mornings as it works really well as a make up base, but have been switching to my Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream at night. The only negative thing about the routine is that I have developed a super dry patch of skin under each eye.. I can't tell which product has caused the reaction so haven't removed any product in particular, although I've had to intermittently swap the soothing moisturiser for something a little more intense- the above night cream is an absolute saviour!

The Garnier PureActive Sensitive range is now available to purchase on the highstreet and online retailers. This post contains products that were sent for review by Garnier UK. 

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