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Top Tips for Winding Down

You may remember some time ago I did a post about my top tips for a more restful nights sleep; these are still very much relevant, however over the past few months I have identified a lot more things that you shouldn't be including in your pre-bed routine. I'm sure I am not alone when I say that a restful slumber is something that is highly sought after; a solid eight hours, uninterrupted, wrapped up in my duvet is one of the finer things in life.

I know that the phrase 'you should only ever use your bed for sleeping' is somewhat extreme, albeit very true.. On countless occasions I have found myself tossing and turning for hours struggling to drift off and this almost certainly due to the crazy number of distractions that have made their way into my bedroom. There are a few small changes that can be made that will do wonders for the quality of your sleep; here are a few things that I've  removed from my nighttime routine.

Harsh Lighting: It is recommended that you dim the lights when beginning the 'winding down' process, as this can help to relax the eyes and the brain; just like screen-time stimulates activity, bright lights do the same. I find that by lighting a candle and opting for reading with a bedside lamp, my body voluntarily begins to go into rest mode, making the process of drifting off a lot less forced.

Screen Time: Although I've definitely improved since writing my last post, my pre-bed routine still consists of a heck of a lot of scrolling, tweeting and pinning; this is one of the worst things that can be done before attempting to sleep as it stimulates brain activity. Whether it's work or play, it's a no-no! As a student I am far too aware of the temptation to work from the comfort of my bed, however associating the two can have a negative effect when it comes to trying to relax in the evening.. thus, the importance of having a sassy work station to let your creative juices flow!

Snacking: Although eating before bed isn't the worst thing that you can do, it's rather what you choose to eat that will have an impact on the quality of your sleep. Foods that are high in sugar, or caffeinated drinks will keep you awake for longer, stimulating brain activity; if you feel the need to eat something just before bed, opt for something lighter that is easy to digest. Thankfully I work at a bar late into the night, although it certainly doesn't make those midnight bounty cravings any easier to withstand.. 

Stress! I know that this may be easier said than done, but stress and sleep are a match made in hell. Thinking about deadlines, or arguing with a loved one are quite literally the worst things that you can do before bed. The purpose of sleep is to allow your body to recover from the day before and to relax, but the aforementioned things will prevent this from happening. PLUS, trying to sleep when you're super emotional will reinforce your feelings, so it really is best to try and resolve any issues before you enter your night-long slumber! 

If you're struggling to sleep, why not try to eliminate one or two of these things from your pre-bed routine? Fatigue leads to decreased mental and physical abilities, so if you're sleepy be sure to think carefully before making any rash decisions; it's easy to push yourself to go further just because you're tired, but really that's the worst thing that you can do! If you've had a late night, or suffered from disturbed sleep the night before, take it easy; don't be too hard on yourself.. just make sure that you catch up on some zzz's as soon as poss. Sweet dreams!

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  1. What a great post! I'm trying to concentrate on my sleep hygiene at the moment! Started by decluttering my room! X

  2. This is a great post Martha, I've started putting my phone down half an hour before I want to get some sleep and it's worked so well! xx


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