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Lush Valentines Collection

Now if you follow me on social media, you would have seen that last week I was lucky enough to attend the Lush Valentines Day event in Plymouth; an evening filled with food, new releases and lots and lots of love. This was my first Lush event, but I can tell you this.. they really pulled out all of the stops. The store smelt incredible as always, and all of the bloggers were greeted with a selection of iced beverages to choose from- as well as some delicious handmade truffles, result. 

Upon walking into the store, I knew that I was about to fall head over heels for each and every one of the products; to me, the new collection is perfect. I love anything rose scented and as you can probably imagine, being Valentines Day a rather large proportion of the products smell as sweet as a freshly cut bunch- which is in fact, exactly what they are made of. Having spoken to several members of staff, I found out that a group of lovely ladies hand pick the roses themselves; how incredible is that!?

Cupid - £2.95
"A sure fire way to send hearts a quiver". I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say that this is one of my faves from the range, smelling of calming rose and bergamot it is the perfect treat for a relaxing evening in, bliss.

Lover Lamp - £4.25
If you're a fan of cocoa butter, this is the bomb for you. With a sweet and citrusy scent, the combination of brazillian orange oil and vanilla absolute will lift your mood, whilst the cocoa butter hearts melt away and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. At the end of the evening each blogger was given the chance to take away one of their favourite products from the Valentines collection, and it's safe to say that this was my bomb of choice!

Rose Bombshell - £4.25 
Just like the name suggests, this really is a bombshell. Filled with yellow rose petals that disperse when dropped into the water, this is definitely one of the more luxurious products- plus the scent of Sicilian lemon and geranium are heavenly! I personally think that bombshell smells a bit like rose jam too, so if you've got a hankering for the festive scent I would recommend picking one up ASAP.

Lovestruck - £4.25 
Although this little guy is a real cutie (who doesn't love the heart eyes emoji?) I wasn't a huge fan of the scent.. again, it smells like lemon and geranium, however I found this to be a little too overpowering.

Ladybird - £3.95
You may recognise this bubble bar from last years Mothers Day collection, however this year Lush decided to give us all a treat and bring him out a little earlier than usual.. YAY! I'm a huge fan of bubble bars as you can get at least two baths out of them, plus this little guy's subtle scent of peppermint really hits the spot (geddit?)

Unicorn Horn - £4.25
Another returning product, the unicorn horn has always been a best seller.. with it's rainbow exterior, this bubble bar provides sparkling bubbles that do wonders for your mood! The neroli oil does heightens your serotonin levels, whilst the scent of lavender gives you a relaxing, seemingly magical experience. 

Two Hearts Beating as One- £3.95
What is a bath melt you ask? Similar to a bath bomb, it melts away creating silky soft, colourful water to bathe in.. however, it does it much much slower! Made up of a combination of cocoa butter and almond oil, this bath melt is the ultimate moisturiser- plus it splits in to two pieces, so you get two for the price of one! Head over to my Twitter to see it in action. 

Love Spell - £5.95
I can tell you from experience, this massage bar smells like a dream. All of the lovely ladies attending the Valentines event received a hand and arm massage with this bad boy- it was the most relaxing five minutes of my life. This fair-trade cocoa butter bar works alongside aloe vera to soften and sooth, whilst neroli and lemon lifts you up, up and away!

The Kiss - £5.75
Ever tried a lip scrub? No? Well now's your chance. The Kiss is by far the tastiest of them all.. and yes, you heard me right, these little pots of joy are edible. The combination of sea salt, caster sugar and fair-trade cocoa butter softens the skin, leaving the perfect base for make up application. Plus, this limited edition Valentines tub contains sugar hearts too!

Prince Charming - £5.50 (100g)
It's pink, it smells like marshmallow and vanilla.. need I say more? The invigorating pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil linger on the skin, leaving you silky smooth all day long.

Love You, Love You Lots - £4.25 (100g)
Now I am a Lush soap newbie, but this has totally converted me! Although, smelling like roses it was bound to be a winner. Rose oil, rose syrup, rose petal infusion and even fresh roses.. it's the perfect combination to give you a blooming good clean. 

Kiss Me Quick! - £2.00
Out of all of the new releases, this was definitely the product that intrigued me the most. Shaped like a credit card (and the same size too!) this little 'thing' lathers up to create a soap, leaving you with nothing but fruity fresh, soft skin. At the purse friendly price of only £2.00 they can be reused several times and are perfect for travelling; plus they're made from apple pulp, cool right?

If you're still with me, I condone you. That's the last of the Valentines products, although Lush have also released a collection of gift sets including a series of their new releases; ranging from £11.95 up to £39.95 you're sure to find the perfect prezzie! As well as this, there are several patterned knot wraps launching too.. one of which, I'm sure you shall see popping up on my Instagram feed very soon!

It's safe to say that my first Lush event was a good'en. It was lovely to meet some more bloggers from down South, as well as getting my hands on a fresh batch of Valentines treats! Have you bought anything from the new collection?

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