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Top Tips for Organising Your Life This Autumn

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times; Autumn is by far my favourite season and this year I'm determined to make it a good'en. There's nothing that I love more than lighting candles and draping fairy lights everywhere, but before I allowed myself to even contemplate the latter, there were a fair few things on my to-do list that needed to be tackled- big time! Over the past week or so, I have been taking some time away from blogging and all things social to do some much needed decluttering, and girl, am I pleased with how things have turned out (haven't you heard, girl is the new boy?)

1. Get rid of your out of date make up/ skincare products. I am a serial beauty hoarder, and up until a few months back I was oblivious to the fact that all of the above possessed expiry dates (I know!?) Alas, anything that has the potential to go gloopy or discoloured inevitably will, meaning that you've got to be savvy and beat it to the punch. Products that settle on or around the eyes in particular, need to be thrown away as soon as they reach their expiry date- the skin here is super sensitive, so is most likely to experience irritation.

2. Get your capsule wardrobe into gear! Now if you don't have a capsule wardrobe, this need not apply; however, at the end of the day a seasonal wardrobe re-shuffle is always a good idea. Pack away your cut offs and say hello to last years chunky knits, because from here on out it's just gonna get colder! 

3. Delete and unsubscribe from emails that you never read. This is a biggie for me, as on regular occasions I find myself receiving mail from companies that I frivolously subscribed to many moons ago! At the beginning of the week I sat down with a cuppa and tackled the mammoth task of organising my emails- yes it was hard, but no, I definitely do not regret it. 

4. Give your home an 'Autumn' clean. As the weather gets cooler, my house is filled with a whole number of creatures, meaning that keeping things fresh is at the top of my list. After all, who wants spiders webs tangled amongst their fairy lights? Halloween isn't until next month! 

5. Start budgeting for Christmas. I know I know, a lot of you will be shaking your heads at the even the thought of the C-word; but Christmas is now less than 3 months away, meaning that there are only a couple more pay cheques until present buying is a no-go. Being a lover of all things festive, the run up to Christmas is when I blossom (if I do say so myself!), so I make it my mission to spread out the purchasing of prezzies and homeware bits, in order to keep spirits high right up until the big day! 

What are you doing to prepare yourself for Autumn?

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