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Being a (Girl) Boss

Over the past few years I have made a conscious effort to up my game; fashion, beauty, life in general.. I was tired of making zero effort and expecting things to be handed to me on a plate, and honestly, I've never looked back. Since starting my blog I have not only grown professionally, but I have seen so many positive changes in myself personality wise; who'd have thought that something so small could have such a positive impact on yourself as a person? This is why I always encourage people to be themselves, down to the bone. "Life begins and the end of our comfort zone- that's when we grow and feel happier" says Susanna Halonen, happiness coach and author of Screw Finding Your Passion: It's Within You.

Although I have seen myself grow, there is one issue that I would like to address; and that is the constant assumption that just because I write about fashion, beauty and the little things in between, I am a bimbo. Who are you to call me stupid? I put my all into what I do, and that doesn't mean any less because I dress a certain way, or own an above average amount of nude lipsticks. This post isn't about eliminating the dumb blonde stereotype, but highlighting the fact that we all have the goddamn right to be who we want to be.

Putting your life online is something that a lot of people make the decision to do; personally I think it's great and it's certainly not something that I intend to stop doing anytime soon. Whether it's a Facebook status here and there, or a daily blogpost (oh how I wish I was creative enough to do Blog-tober!), there is endless amounts of content uploaded to the internet on a daily basis, and that is okay.. as long as it's nothing inappropriate, or illegal, I am totally down with it! But alas, frowns and judgements are inevitable. Over my short time blogging, I have seen many fellow creators get 'trolled' on some form of social media; only recently the lovely Amy from Salt and Chic was targeted for not being quite grunge enough when she created a grunge-esque look, which baffled me because who the heck create a grunge scale anyway!? It's amazing what people will come up with to cause  a stir online, going out of their way to create trouble amongst bloggers (and non-bloggers too!).

My blog is my little space on the internet, and whether or not you agree with what I write about, I can respect that. However, I do not appreciate being told that what I write about defines me as a person; I have plenty of other interests that I choose not to include such as fashion, cooking and interior design, but if I did choose to write about them, would that make you see me in a different light? When it comes to anybody who has the confidence to broadcast a little snippet of their life online, I ask that you give them the same amount of respect that you would expect to receive.

Granted, I don't have the body confidence to display photographs of myself rocking the latest lacy lingerie.. but I sure as hell can respect the lovely ladies that do- you go girls! I'm proud of what I have achieved over the past year or so, and I'm not about to let petty comments or unrealistic assumptions get me down. So, here's to being a girl boss!

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  1. Such a great, uplifting post! Hellz yeah to being a girl boss! I actually worry about friends finding my blog as I don't want to appear to be shallow or a bimbo as you said. Then I think this: people are allowed to have interests and if I want to write about my favourite make-up products of the moment then why shouldn't I?! I have definitely developed a more "girl-boss" attitude lately. This is a great message to get out to the blogging community.
    Holly x


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