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Keep Your Cool this Christmas

Despite being a complete control freak, there's always one person that I forget about at Christmas, or one present that doesn't arrive, so I'm left struggle for the dreaded 'last minute gift' on Christmas eve.. but not this year. I have not only sorted my Christmas shopping, but have elected myself as head elf when it comes to family gifts too! However, there are some areas of Christmas that just aren't my thing, so I've put together some top tips that will help things run smoothly this festive season.

Stop comparing yourself to others. I feel proud that it's not even the 1st December yet and I've got my presents nailed; but there are always those people that have theirs wrapped, beautifully ribboned and hidden away by the end of October. But where's the fun in that!? Take your time, write a list, and you'll find that the shopping just comes naturally- of course! 

Allow yourself some down time. Christmas is no doubt the busiest time of year (trust me, I work in retail!), so it's easy to let yourself get bogged under by all of the do's and don'ts. But it is important that when planning, you factor in some down time; after all, you deserve to enjoy the festivities too! Whether it's reading a chapter of your favourite book, doing some baking (for fun!) or taking a relaxing bath with one of Lush's festive bombs, chill.

Ever heard the phrase 'divide and conquer'? Now I know, it's hard to silence your inner control freak, but like I said, you need some time to chill! There may be some things that you enjoy, or that you know you are fab at when it comes to planning for Christmas, so this is when you can be a bit cheeky.. Write a list of things that you are going to do, and divvy the rest up. Don't forget to tell everybody how good they are at their jobs- you never know when you're going to need reinforcements for those last minute bits and bobs! 

I can't wait for December to start; not only will I have handed in the majority of my remaining assignments, but it means that it will be less than a month til the big day. Although I'm organised in the run up to Christmas, when it comes to the morning I'm like a little girl all over again! Wrapping paper and rubbish, everywhere.

How are you preparing for Crimbo 2015?

-M xxx

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