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Naked Basics 2: Palette Review

If I've said it once, I'll say it a hundred times; I just can't do eye make up.. For years I've witnessed friends rocking the smokey eye look, nailing the Chung-esque cat flicks, but not me. I am an eye make up virgin, I kid you not. I know that a lot of girls grow up watching their Mum sit gracefully in front of her dressing table applying make up like a princess, but mine is more of a Doc Martin wearing queen (not that I'm complaining) so I never really got the chance to play dress up.

Alas, I have recently invested in my first EVER eye palette. Introducing, the Naked Basics 2. Despite the hundreds of options to choose from, it's so basic that you can't go wrong.. But hey, who said basic was bad? The colour combinations are subtle enough for every day wear, but have the potential to be blended to create a bangin' smokey eye. To me the idea of a matte shadow is definitely appealing, as when it comes to my eyes I would much prefer subtle, muted tones, to then be paired with contrasting lips that 'pop'!

But what made me choose the second basics palette over the original? Welllll.. the darkest shade in the Naked Basics palette is almost black which is something that I immediately knew I wouldn't wear, as well as the other shades being a little harsher compared to the second palette. I have seen several comparison posts between the two, and although I haven't tried the original I can only imagine that the quality of the shadows are equally as AMAZING. For me the Naked Basics 2 is perfect; it is compact in size and has all of the colours that a novice like myself needs. I would definitely recommend it for anybody with a cooler skin tone, as none of the shades are too dark.. I was a little dubious of the reddish tones of 'Cover' although I have definitely warmed to it, and am keen to experiment a little further.

Having dipped my toes into the pool of eye shadow, I am definitely looking to expand my collection; perhaps another Urban Decay palette? The possibilities are endless!

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