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4 New Skincare Additions

The past month has been a whirlwind. My final month of university has just come to an end, meaning that time spent at my desk is no longer filled with regret, and I can finally write about something other than business and management...

During a recent unsolicited study break I got the blogging itch, and having spent the past few weeks stuck in a creative rut I decided to let my juices flow. And what I am now left with is a pretty hefty list of new content ideas, meaning that weekly posts shall be on the cards for the foreseeable future (yay!) However while I'm busy working on something new, I've got a 'new in' favourites post for you. Excuse the rhyming, it is gloriously unintentional.

When I first started blogging a large proportion of my posts were dedicated to beauty and skincare, and thankfully this love is something that has continued into my twenties. These days I'm a lot less interested in 'faff' and would much rather opt for simplicity, though with this being said I am a shameless shopper who is more than willing to try something shiny and new- a skincare magpie, if you will. Over the last couple of months I have introduced some new bits into my routine- please let me know if you've tried them too and if you have any similar recommendations!

As an avid perfume collector, I deemed the start of spring the perfect excuse to add something new to my collection. I have lusted after Jo Malone perfumes for years, and with this in mind Jack me treated to something extra special for my birthday back in March. Although originally intended for special occasions, Peony & Blush Suede has become my everyday perfume for the last month due to its irresistibly sweet scent. I'm a sucker for florals, what can I say!? I have now decided that I NEED to get my hands on the limited edition Nashi Blossom cologne before it sells out, as I smelt it when it was first released a few years back and fell in love...

With late nights becoming the norm, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a good quality facial oil. The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate works overnight, leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated after just a few drops; I apply it after cleansing and pre-moisturiser letting it absorb fully (despite the name it isn't oily at all!) and then let it work its magic while I sleep. I'm really enjoying my slightly more luxurious nighttime routine, and although I'm not looking like my teen-self just yet my skin looks a heck of a lot more awake. Another product that I've added to my evening routine is Lush's Sleepy Cream. Whilst I've always been into moisturising, I've never been particularly fussy about the products that I use on my body, up until now that is. Not only does it smell divine, but the subtle lavender extracts help to induce relaxation (which is exactly what I needed in the amidst of exam season) and send you into a sweet slumber. Trust me I'm not normally one to buy in to a gimmick, but I can assure you that this works wonders! 

All I need now is to find the perfect SPF... the current British heatwave is driving me and my skin insane, so any suggestions would be v much appreciated! 

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