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Films about Love, that I Love to Love!

Valentines Day comes but once a year (I hear some of you breathe a sigh of relief!), and no matter how much of a bad mood I'm in, the thought of love makes me ten times happier- yes, I'm a sucker for love! Style guides featuring pretty pastel pinks, cheesy love songs, and rom-coms filling every channel, what's not to love about love? Whether you have a date night planned, followed by an evening tucked up with your partner, or you're chilling with the girls, there isn't anything more appealing than the idea of grabbing a big box of chocolates, some tissues, and watching a movie all about the big L.. Yes, you guessed it! Happy ending, optional. Although I have a day out planned for Valentines Day, when it comes to the evening I can assure you that I'll be spending the evening doing the above; so I've put together a little list of my fave love films, for any of you looking for some inspiration!

Another rom-com that I can't get enough of is Crazy Stupid Love; Steve Carell's world is turned upside down when his marriage fails, then leading him to seek advice from none other than the dreamy Ryan Gosling- who so admirably reinvents the Dirty Dancing lift, clothing not included. When it comes to this film, the name says it all!

The DUFF is a slightly new addition to my Valentines Day list; isn't your typical film about love, more high school drama, but as you can imagine love is in the mix! If you don't know what a DUFF is, I urge you to Google it. 

Pretty in Pink is the definition of a classic; my mum watched it in the 80's and I have grown to know and love it too! It's the typical 'girl has a crush on a guy who doesn't know she exists' storyline, but there's something so innocent about it that I can't get enough of.

If you're looking for more comedy than romance, Friends with Benefits is the ultimate watch for a girls night in; you can expect to be in fits of laughter ten minutes in, with the odd tear, and what's better than a bit of Justin T thrown in the mix? The answer, nothing. Friends with Benefits is a love story, with a twist. Ever wondered what 'friends with benefits' is really like? Well, watch and you'll see!

Valentines Day or not, Dirty Dancing is one of my favourites. Whether you're watching it with friends, your partner, or your mum, they are guaranteed to love it! It's not so much a comedy, more a romantic movie with a funny aspects; I don't want to spoil it for you, so just go and watch it! I've seen Dirty Dancing on stage, and would love to see it again.

Valentines Day is probably the most cliché of all, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, right? It's the stories of about six different couples all rolled into one film, somehow linking together- a bit of an updated version of Love Actually if you ask me! 

What's Your Number? is the ultimate girls movie; probably not one to watch with your partner (especially a new one!) as it's likely to provoke an awkward convo or two.. probably not what you want on V-Day! The title explains it all, a story of a young woman who can't afford to increase her number, so by revisiting previous relationships determined to make one work- it's funnier than it sounds, I promise!

Honestly, I saved the best 'til last. Love Actually is the mother of all love films; laugher, tears, and strange feelings towards Hugh Grant included. The cast is amazing, with big names such as Keira Nightly, Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson and Andrew Lincoln (to name a few!). The film is set in the run up to Christmas, which is another reason why it's one of my faves, meaning that the soundtrack is also super magical.. And despite the ups and downs throughout, everything works out in the end- magic!

Honestly, my list could have gone on forever.. But a few more titles include Notting Hill, 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed and Pretty Woman. I'm planning on starting my movie binging tonight (now I've finally finished Scream Queens- totally wasn't expecting that!?), let me know if there are any classics that I've missed, I'm always up for a new rom-com! I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentines Day, no matter what you are doing, or who you're with.

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