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The Capsule Wardrobe

For many of you, I'm sure the term 'capsule wardrobe' is one that you are now far too familiar with; bloggers everywhere have adopted this increasingly popular term and are delving into their wardrobe and clearing out those unworn, unloved and unrecognised items- yes, I am guilty of buying things and throwing them to the back of my wardrobe forgetting their entire existence. The entire process has been created to put a stop to habits like this; trust me, it's as liberating as it sounds!

For those of you who are staring at the screen with a blank expression, wondering what on earth I am talking about, creating a capsule wardrobe is all about optimising the items that you have; you select a small number of items, 37 is the 'ideal' number, including tops, bottoms, shoes and outerwear, and mix and match them on a day to day basis for an entire season- exciting! Throughout the 12 weeks you do not spend, browse, or even think about clothes, making the most of what you have in your capsule wardrobe; after all, if you've chosen the items wisely, you will not find yourself getting tired of wearing them!

I would certainly say that I am a style and fashion lover; I love buying clothes, wearing clothes (thankfully!), browsing and creating looks, and of course, shopping. However, I have never quite grasped the concept of strategic shopping, thus ending up with a wardrobe full of pieces that I no longer touch, and no spare room for anything new.. And yes, you will more often than not find me standing in my undies claiming that I have 'nothing to wear' when in actual fact, I do. This is when the capsule wardrobe comes in. Having read blogs and watched YouTube videos from those who have tried and tested this concept, I'm dying to give it a go.
Caroline Rector from Unfancy has changed the mind-set of hundreds of women around the globe; when you think about it, it's a logical way of organising your wardrobe, saving yourself both time and money when it comes to getting dressed up. If like me, you spend far too much time browsing ASOS, and staring aimlessly at your wardrobe in the morning, why not give it a go?

I am in the process of de-cluttering my wardrobe, and am super excited for the next step.. shopping! Once I have eliminated my unloved items, I am going to begin building up my capsule collection; thankfully I have made the decision to start in the middle of Winter, so I still have a month and a bit to go before I need to start looking for Spring pieces. Over the next few weeks I intend to unsubscribe from shopping sites, and give myself a shopping ban (which is tricky working in a clothes shop!), however I am hoping that this will give me a fresh look when it comes to rearranging my wardrobe.
Keep checking back for updates, as I intend to keep you all in the loop, and inspire you to give it a go!

-M xxx

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