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Lush Christmas

I feel that this post is well overdue, as for the past month or so I have been indulging in this years festive treats that Lush have to offer. Until the start of 2015 I was somewhat of a Lush virgin, having had little experience with their products and being sceptical of their so called 'magical natural powers'. Buuuttttt if I have learnt nothing else throughout the year, it is that the reviews are true; Lush is a dream. 

When it comes to bathing, I am definitely more of a shower person; I usually don't have a lot of time, so I find that having a bath is a bit of a bore. However, in November and December I am the complete opposite- I love coming home and running a warm bubble bath, filled with my favourite festive scents! I have tried several of Lush's Christmas products, however I have narrowed it down to my top 5 (plus Mint Julips, which isn't technically Christmassy- but still smells divine!).

1. Butter Bear- I bet you can't guess which one it is, perhaps the teddy bear!? This is one of my favourite Christmas bath bombs, as it smells of vanilla and cocoa butter, which are two of my absolute faves. All you need to do is throw him into a bath of running warm water and watch him bubble up! The water is creamy and moisturising, leaving you feeling well and truly pampered.

2. Star Dust. Again, a vanilla smelling bath bomb that leaves you feeling fabulous! Lush describes this as 'a boost for the mind and body' which I cannot agree with more. I find that the star itself is quite big, so you don't need to use the whole thing at once; I break off a couple of the points, finding that this is enough to create a pool of sparkly bubbles.

3. Candy Mountain. This bubble bar (which is very similar to a bath bomb) creates a pink, sparkly bath, which smells incredible; although it is made with vanilla absolute, I think that it smells more like candy floss! I have bought this for a couple of people, hoping that they will enjoy it just as much as I do- fingers crossed!

4. Father Christmas- who'd have known!? It seems that Lush have gone for as many sweet scents as possible for their Christmas collection this year, as this bath bomb also smells of a combination of freshly spun candy floss and candy canes- yum! Once throwing Santa into the bath, his rosy cheeks begin to melt away, creating a pale pink pool; the middle of him is filled with a festive green bomb, leaving you with a truly Christmassy experience.

5. Rose Jam. This is my first purchase of shower gel from Lush, and I am in love! There are several Christmas products available, such as So White and the classic Snow Fairy, but I found those to be a little too sweet for showering in such a confined space. Rose Jam (hence the name!) is made with a combination of rose blended with sweet vanilla, which is reflected in its lightly floral scent. It is also made with argan oil, which is known for its nourishing powers, leaving the body feeling silky smooth! An irresistible Christmas treat. 

Although I tried to narrow this post down to my top 5, so that it wasn't miles too long, I knew that I had to throw in my trusted Mint Julips too! I have previously dedicated a whole post to this little pot of joy, as its effects leave your lips feeling invigorated- as well as tasting deliciousy minty too! I felt that I could count it as a semi festive product as it reminds me of after dinner mints, which are a Christmas staple (in my house anyway!). 

What are your favourite Lush products? I can't wait to see what they have in store for 2016, how about you?

-M xxx

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