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I feel like I need to write a disclaimer at the start of this blog post, because I know that I am in a very privileged position. I have a roof over my head and plenty of food to eat, but most importantly myself and my family are safe and have been physically unaffected by Coronavirus.


New in Skincare

It's been sometime since I've written a skincare update, but in all honesty there has seemed little point as things are very much the same! My skin type is 'combination' which basically means it's a pain in the butt. In my experience, it is seldom you will find the perfect product for skin that's 'a little bit of this and that' so unsurprisingly I am still trying to find a concoction of products that work for me.


My February To-Do List

This year, just like the last, I decided to skip out on New Years resolutions. Granted, there are a list of things that I would like to do over the next twelve months (like travel more, and improve my flexibility) but these are things that I would LIKE to do rather than being things that scream 'failure' if they aren't achieved- because who wants that sort of stress anyways? So being the avid list-maker that I am, here are my February to-do's...

1. Book a Summer holiday. Now don't get me wrong I love city breaks (we've already got a trip to Amsterdam booked for March, and I don't doubt that we'll squeeze in another couple before the year is up!) but I haven't been on a 'lazy' holiday since 2012 and my skin is crying out for some vitamin D...

2. Up my yoga-game! I have been practicing yoga for over two years, and have found it to be not only good for increasing flexibility and toning the body, but also very good for my mental health. Whether it's an hour long session, or a quick ten minute check-in, I find that by stretching out on the mat it allows me to think straight and put things into perspective (which is something that I find challenging on a day to day basis) However I am still yet to brave a yoga class in my area, so maybe that's something on the cards for 2020 too!

3. Read at least one book. For the last couple of years I have aimed to read a book a month; in 2018 I knocked my goal out of the park reading over twenty books, but last year I found myself opting for nights in front of the TV and finished 2019 with a slightly less impressive result. I loved The Tattooist of Auschwitz, so I'm hoping that my latest purchase of Cilka's Journey will help to get me back into the swing of things! Others on my to-read list include Three Women, Me After You and My Sister the Serial Killer.

And as a lover of all things love it would be rude not to mention the V-word... Anybody who knows me in real life is aware of just how much of a SUCKER I am when it comes to romance, so rest assured I will be taking full advantage of this day and showing some love! Did somebody say Chinese takeaway, chocolate cake and a rom-com in front of the telly? I hope so...
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