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Lets Talk About Tanning

It is rare that you will find a blog post dedicated to a single product, however after discovering my perfect product it became impossible to contain my excitement.

Despite being a preacher of all things natural, I thought that this Summer I would take the plunge and dip my toes into the self-tanning pool.. and BOY am I glad I did. As much as I love my pasty pins, it gives me all kinds of happy feels seeing them with a bit of colour, even contemplating flashing some flesh in a tea dress or two.

I was born into a family that all have super sensitive skin, so for as long as I can remember our cupboards have been filled with gentle Dove moisturisers- not that I'm complaining as they provide the silkiest skin! Bearing this in mind I am always keen to try something new, so after reading Em's rave review about Dove's take on a self-tanner, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Packed with gentle tanning particles that provide the skin with a healthy (but totally natural) glow, Dove's Summer Revived is a total game changer. 

Although I only picked up this product a month or so ago, I am already head over heels! I know how hard it can be to find something that leaves you streak-free and smelling oh so fresh.. but as the name suggests, Dove have created something that revives your skin, doing everything that you would expect of a gradual tanner and more.

I've put together a collection of my top tanning tips (soz about that); 

1. Exfoliate. This is a biggie when it comes to applying any sort of faux tanning product; whether it's a gradual moisturiser or a full blown fake-bake, it's a must! By exfoliating you are ridding the skin of any dead cells (which product loves to stick to) leaving an even surface for application. Be sure to focus on the elbows, knees and ankles, as this is where those pesky patches tend to occur.

2. De-Fluff. What a chore. Tan applies 100x better to fuzz free legs, meaning that the extra time spent in the shower will pay off as your tan develops- YAY!

3. Moisturise. Now this isn't essential, but I have found that by moisturising troublesome body parts (i.e. knees and ankles) before applying tan, it helps to prevent patchiness. As well as this, it gives your skin some extra hydration which is never a bad thing, right!?

Some people will go to a number of extremes to get the glow, but if like me your sunbathing days are over and you have sworn to FAKERY this little beauty is definitely for you.

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