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June Goals

I know it's a little late for a monthly goals post (being the 6th of the month already!) but what the heck. I love June; it's practically summer in the UK, and it also means that it's half way to Christmas.. but we can't complain about that, can we? I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm definitely more of a winter gal.

1. Despite having been practicing yoga for some time now, I feel that June is the month that I should attend an actual class.. I love the comfort of working in my own home, and Yoga with Adriene makes it so easy (not literally, trust me!) however I think that it's time to go out and meet some fellow yoga do-ers. I also started going to a gym for the first time in May, so I want to make that a bit more regular this month too!

 2. I did a post a little while ago about the importance of taking time off, and although I highlighted how it doesn't necessarily have to mean time away, I am desperate to plan a mini break this month! Last weekend myself and Jack went to London to celebrate his birthday, and although we had the most amazing day, one day just wasn't enough! I'm hoping that I can convince him to take another, slightly longer trip to the city over the next couple of weeks. 

3. Following on from the previous point, June for me is all about saving; I spent far too much last month- do you ever check your bank balance and wonder where all of your money went? Food, clothes, cocktails? No, me neither.. I have a lot of extra work scheduled for this month, so as long as I manage to refrain from spending, I should be fine!

4. Now I know that I say this every time I do a 'goals' post, but this month I want to maintain consistency with posting. I have now finished uni for the year, meaning that aside from work and various social events, I have no commitments; I'm taking a bit of a new direction with the blog lately, focusing more on loving yourself and natural beauty, so I'm excited to be writing about things that are really important to me!

What are your plans for June?

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