My Favourite Binge-Worthy TV Shows

Hello, my name is Martha and I am a shameless telly bug. Over the years I have become the unofficial source of reviews and recommendations for friends, family and work colleagues (although very few appreciate my enthusiasm towards all things zombies) and that is something that I am absolutely fine with. There's nothing that I love more than tucking up with a cuppa and a packet of chocolate fingers, so it's safe to say that I have watched my fair share of binge-worthy shows...

Although I am partial to a tear jerker, and likewise something that makes you laugh from the pit of your stomach, my favourite genre of television is undoubtedly crime (I'm a sucker for a 'whodunit' what can I say?) So if that's not your scene then this probably isn't the place to come for recommendations. But if you're an all rounder like myself, then get your pen and paper at the ready!

Killing Eve

Now I'm not sure what category you would put Killing Eve in- strong female lead, crime thriller, comedy, all of the above? This BBC series is like nothing I have ever seen and I think that's why it's so bloody brilliant... An MI5 officer (Eve Polastri played by Sandra Oh) develops an obsession with an assassin named Villanelle, and the two begin an intense game of cat and mouse for eight episodes, followed by a second equally as addictive series. It's deep, passionate, filled with death and beautiful clothes, which makes it one of my favourite shows! Rumour has it that a third series is in the pipeline and I cannot wait.

Stranger Things

This post wouldn't be complete without Stranger Things now, would it? I'm a sucker for 80's movies (I grew up watching The Goonies, what can I say?) so my obsession with ST was pretty much a sure thing. A twelve year old boy goes missing, sparking an investigation lead by his terrified mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) which unravels a series of mysteries involving experiments, children and the supernatural. There are some iconic characters, not to mention a banging soundtrack, and I for one was absolutely shook by the latest release... Did somebody say season 4?

American Horror Story

The final spooky show- I promise! I have been an AHS fan for years, having rewatched the first few chapters far too many times than I care to admit. Not only does it have a killer cast (pardon the pun) that play different characters from series to series, but Ryan Murphy seems to nail the weird and wonderful themes every time. My favourites include a murder house, mental asylum, freak show and hotel... although the latter definitely has something to do with Lady Gaga's starring role! If you're not a fan of blood and gore then AHS is definitely not for you, but if you can stick it and have an appreciation of sick-humour then I'd recommend it for sure.

Parks and Recreation

CURVEBALL. There is absolutely no (serious) crime, murder, or supernatural goings on in Parks and Rec, but perhaps that's why I find it so refreshing? Similarly to The Office it's a workplace comedy set in an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department; Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman and several other well-known comedic actors settle disputes, drama and office romances (whilst intermittently talking directly to the viewer) which provides an easy, entertaining watch. There are 125 episodes readily available on Amazon Prime, so it's the perfect duvet day binge-watch!

Queer Eye

Incase you are the only person on the planet that hasn't watched Queer Eye, I'll give you a brief introduction... Antonio, Karamo, Jonathan, Bobby and Tan provide the ultimate 'make over' experience, focusing on not only what is on the outside, but also working on a persons soul and well being too. It's one of those heartwarming programs that lifts you up no matter what mood you are in, because the Fab Five take you on a 45 minute long emotional rollercoaster that almost always has a happy ending. Who can argue with that?

Workin' Moms

I watched series 1-3 of Workin' Moms on Netflix over Christmas and MY GOODNESS is it brilliant. Set in Canada, the program follows the lives of a group of men and women within one parenting group- I laughed, I cried, I went from broody to repulsed, it was an emotional rollercoaster but I wouldn't hesitate to watch it again. With each episode being only 25 minutes long it's easy to watch several in one go (which is the best kind of show if you ask me, am I right?) 

How I Met Your Mother

A LATE ENTRY! I started writing this post a couple of months ago, because I wanted to be sure that I had included all of my ultimate favourite programmes (as there are a heck of a lot to choose from!) but since then I have binged the entire 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Now if you had a truly British childhood it's likely that you caught an episode or two of HIMYM on E4 after school, however I for one never watched it from start to finish... and now I'm wondering why? I laughed, I cried, and although the final episode was a bit deflating (imo) I am trying to determine when it's acceptable to watch it all over again!

I would love some tv recommendations, because I am slowly running out of things to watch! I've heard nothing but good things about A Handmaids Tale, so might add that to my watchlist next...

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